School Visits

Rina’s visits take young people on an adventure into the world of conservation. All her presentations are developed to emphasize the importance of the planet’s biodiversity and show young people that — whatever their passion — their voice is important and can make a difference.

Her visits are available for K-12 schools, libraries, as well as nature groups and other organizations interested in conservation. Presentations can be adapted to meet the needs of your schedule and can range from 20 to 45 minutes.

Her presentations:


This presentation will immerse kids in the life of a conservation biologist. Rina will explain the importance of research and scientific thinking and describe the tools and methods conservation biologists use to help save endangered species. She’ll also talk about some of her up-close animal encounters, and how those moments have impacted and inspired her.


What are scientists doing to save our endangered species here at home? Rina will talk about a range of endangered species projects across Canada—from fluffy burrowing owls, bees, and butterflies to frogs and turtles—and why it’s important to help our native species.


The Mauritius kestrel, the echo parakeet, the Madagascar pochard. What do these lesser-known species have in common? They were all down to a handful of individuals remaining but they were saved from the brink of extinction by dedicated scientists who scaled up cliffs, climbed up giant tropical trees and waded through crocodile-occupied waters to make sure these almost-extinct species weren’t lost.  


Grade 6 student

“Mme. Nichols, you have inspired me to make the world a better place.”

Morgan, teacher

“Rina’s excitement and passion towards biodiversity and conservation are contagious! She has a calm, caring and optimistic demeanor, making her able to connect with students from a wide variety of ages and inspire them to take action. Rina values student voice and helps children advocate for a healthy planet.”

Lynn, Vice Principal

“Rina provides information, resources and ideas to inspire students to question, explore and create. Her commitment to wildlife preservation and the importance of community efforts to help make this happen is evident in the work she does with the students.” 

Katie, teacher

“Rina is an incredibly knowledgeable speaker who thoroughly engages with her audience. She is passionate and enthusiastic and comes prepared. My students were immersed in the topic and wanted to know more!”

Grade 5 student

“Thank you for your incredible efforts for wildlife and helping  ‘green’ our planet.”

Leslie, Principal

“Our students and staff really look forward to and enjoy Rina’s visits. She gives very engaging presentations and interacts with the students to encourage them to be part of the solution. They are always excited to see what they can do to help the environment and nature when Rina finishes her visits. We hope she’ll do another presentation for us soon.”