I write hopeful, inspired-by-real-life adventure stories about animal-loving tweens and teens who risk it all to save species on the brink of extinction—be it through bravery, confidence, or sheer determination! I also write action-based eco-nonfiction for young people who want to get outdoors and do activities that help the planet.

A few of my works-in-progress include:

  • A STEM novel about a determined young teenager who travels to Madagascar to follow her dreams of becoming a primatologist like Dr. Jane Goodall, but in a twist of fate ends up helping save one of the world’s rarest animals and discovers her true calling.
  • A nonfiction project that follows real kids aged 10-14 on their journey to set up a Wildlife Club at their school and carry out fun activities that help the planet.
Wildlife Club visits Butterfly Gardens in southern Ontario

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Kids of Wildlife Club plant a garden in their schoolyard to help pollinator species, like bees and butterflies.